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Requests for pictures

December 2, 2009

Hi there!

Laurenhs here!

I was looking through my old posts and i found my first post with funny pictures… and as i saw them i thought, “Hmm. Laurenhs, you should get some new funny pictures!” and so i decided to do that! But as i made the first few, i realized i hadnt done enough. So if you can, please help me make some funny pictures my commenting your ideas!


Laurenhs 🙂 😀

My Penguins B’day

December 2, 2009

Hey there guys! Laurenhs here…

Today was my penguin, Laurenhs’s 300 days birthday… I CANT BELIEVE I MISSED IT! Well Happy Birthday to my penguin! i cant believe i forgot a party to celebrate! So anyway just posting that quickly so cya!


P.s cya at my 350th party!