May 18, 2009


Laurenhs here.

Today at school I asked my friend called Brandon if he wanted to be an author on my posts.


Can’t wait till he starts posting!

until then,

Waddle on!

Laurenhs xxxx


Club Penguin Knights and Princesses quest directions

May 8, 2009

Hi, Laurenhs here, again!

i will tell you the directions of the Knights and Princesses quest.

1.Do the orbs challenge by stepping on the squares next to the orbs.

2.Do the snowball target challenge by hitting the targets with snowballs.

3.Go down

4.Go left

5.Go down

6.Go right

7.Go right

8.Go up should be there!

Hope that was helpful.If not, here’s a re-run

do the orbs challenge, do the snowball target challenge, go down, go left, go down, go right, go right again, and finally go up.

remember: The quest is for MEMBERS ONLY!

Waddle on!

Laurenhs. 😉


May 8, 2009

Hi, Laurenhs here.

Earlier i was round my friend Jessica’s house and i asked her if she wanted to be an author on my posts.


so i just wanted to tell u that so bye.



Cool thing at the cove on Club Penguin!(I only just noticed it!)

May 7, 2009

cool-thing-at-cove1Hi,Laurenhs here, I just noticed this really cool thing at the cove!

On the Lifeguard’s chair there is a pair of binoculars.Click on it and it looks kinda like the telescope at the beacon!Here’s the view.Hope you like it,

but for now,

waddle on!



just wanted to show you this on CP…also, please comment!

May 3, 2009

no-edit-real-rich1(FOR CLUB PENGUINERS ONLY!)

 Hi, I was just on Club Penguin and i tried the Bean Counters glitch on Aqua Grabber.IT WORKED!And this is how many coins I got out of it!Thats right people, 11142 coins!

I’m wearing the Dragon costume because it cost 1000 coins and i think thats a lot.It shows how rich I am.

Please comment in any way bcause i never get comments,


Laurenhs. 😉

Hi,I’m new here.(Funny Club Penguin pics)

April 10, 2009

Hello,I’m new.My name is Laurenhs.This is my first post that I’ve made and I’m very happy about it!In my first post I have some funny Club Penguin pictures!I hope you like them!  🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 :)Though some of them I accidentally put there so just ignore them. 🙂 Oh,and some are the wrong way round like the fart ones. 🙂 And two have been put twice by mistake.Whoopsies!   🙂

Hello world!

April 10, 2009

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